What is Seifukujitsu?

Seifukujitsu is a term derived from three Chinese characters that mean 'whole and complete' and 'to recover what was lost' and 'skilled art or method'. The Japanese translation of seifukujitsu is "a skillful method of adjusting and restoring'.

From an energy standpoint, seifukujitsu methods imply techniques to straighten up the hara or to adjust internal energy. These time proven methods of seifukujitsu also can be said to break down the old and build up the new. In old Japan, martial art sensei used seifukujitsu to deal with various muscle, tendon and bone injuries that occurred during training.

The healing techniques of seifukujitsu have been practiced in Japan for over twelve hundred years. Although many people mistakenly believe that seifukujitsu is limited to restorative massage, it actually includes treatment for sprains, strains and non-displaced fractures.