Osteopathy: Sports & Trauma Injuries 

We treat numerous sporting injuries on a regular basis, focusing on rehabilitation and conditioning. We also help with rehabilitation following surgery. 

As a member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association and with a long history in sport, both participating and assisting others, Simon has extensive experience of sporting injuries that can occur. 

Previous patients include professional international rugby players and martial artists, as well as high level players in sports such as football, hockey, rock climbing, American football, golf and many other sports.

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Sports Injuries

"How quickly can I return to sport"? It's a question we are always asked and the answer always depends on the nature of the injury. We work with you to diagnose and create a treatment programme for the injury. It is just as important to focus on rehabilitation and ongoing conditioning to make sure the injury does not return. 

Typical injuries we treat include strains, pulled ligaments, damaged tendons including the achilles, knee problems, upper body issues including tennis elbow and dislocated shoulders. 

Trauma Injuries  

By using gentle manipulation, we can help with trauma injuries that can affect other areas of body beyond neck ligaments and muscles, including the spine and pelvis.